My cat is on thyroid medication and I didn't like the idea of having to force pills down his throat twice a day. I gave these a try and am so glad I did! I originally bought the Greenies Feline Pill Pockets, Salmon flavor, and my cat ate them with no problem for a while. Then he got tired of them! I started breaking them in half and sticking them onto a different treat with the pill in the middle (a very tiny pill). He would eat it with no problem with this method. 

After a while, I decided to try the Greenies Canine Pill Pockets because they were a lot cheaper and come in more flavors. My cat liked them the same as the feline, so I buy those now to save some money. The canine treats are 4 times bigger than the feline, so it's easier to wrap a pill. I just cut each treat into 3 or 4 pieces.

You can buy these at any pet store and online. The feline treats are about $5-$6 for 1.6 ounces 45 treats) and the canine treats are $6-$7 for 7.9 ounces (30 treats).

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