My 18 year old cat recently had some blood/urine tests done and protein was found in his urine. Ultrasound showed that his kidneys were fine though, but my vet recommended a low protein diet to see if it will help with the urine. I'm hesitant to do the prescription low protein foods because (a) my cat doesn't like that food and (b) I don't think food that is that low protein is good for cats. This food is pretty low protein for a non-prescription food, about 32% of the dry matter is protein (for the turkey flavor), where RX food is below 30%. I don't like that this has meat by-products though, but I noticed that there are no low protein foods that don't have meat by-products. Also, it is very mushy and not solid like other foods, it almost looks like it's over saturated with liquid.

Bottom line: my cat will happily eat this food and it's lower protein than his old food (Triumph), so that's good enough for me. I alternate this with Hi Tor Neo canned food, which is designed to be low in protein/phosphorus, because my cat won't eat the same food for more than a certain period of time. He is a fickle pain in my butt! But I love him.

You can buy Hill's Science Diet Mature Adult 7+ Can Cat Food at most pet stores or online for around $25 for a case of 24, 5.5 ounce cans.