I had a lot of trouble finding a conditioner for cats. It seems like pet stores just don't carry it. My elderly cat has been having trouble grooming himself. He ended up all matted, even though he has short hair. I washed him and then used this conditioner to help get some of the knots out, and it worked pretty well. It wasn't too greasy or slippery. Since I have so much of it left, I decided to make a leave in conditioner by adding it to a spray bottle with water. I use it on him to keep his coat from getting knotted up again.

As an added benefit, this stuff smells AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL! I now use it on my other cat to keep her coat shiny and smelling great. I would definitely recommend this conditioner, even if you only plan to use it as a leave-in like I do.

Pet Naturals Silk Conditioner is available on Amazon.com for about $15.

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