My vet recommended this for my cat whose iron levels were a little low. I can't say that it's made any dramatic change in my cats behavior, but his iron appears to be better. He also doesn't seem to notice it when I mix it in his food, which is always good. I also started giving it to my other cat who is beginning to get up there in age. She is very finicky when it comes to food and she also doesn't notice when I mix this in.

I personally don't like that corn syrup, water, and sugar are the first 3 ingredients, but I guess I give them so little that it shouldn't affect them much. Still, I prefer if these ingredients were not in anything that I feed my cats., and other online retailers, sell this for between $14-$18 for the 4 ounce bottle. My vet also sell this product (most do), but he charges for the 1 ounce bottle the same price that Amazon has the 4 ounce bottle, so I buy it online now.

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