I've been using Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner for decades. It's my go to product when I need a deep conditioner. I've used so many different deep conditioners and this one always out-performs them all. I use this weekly and sometimes mix it with other ingredients, such as egg yolk, Indian herbs (henna, amla, etc), and temporary hair color to brighten up my hair color. It mixed well with these, where other conditioners start to separate and look lumpy. It also great as a leave-in conditioner or diluted in water to use as a leave-in spray.

Hair conditioners are one of those things that work differently on different hair types, so I can't guarantee that everyone will get as great results as I do, but it's an affordable option and worth a try! The small size is available at most drug stores and the 32 oz. is available on Amazon.com for only $7.50.