I have been having a lot of issues with my hair over the last 3 years. Mainly, it hasn't grown at all (in fact, my hair has progressively gotten shorter due to damage). I have use many deep conditioners, leave ins, etc, to try and make my hair manageable, but none have worked until now!

I have been straightening my hair since I was 13 years old. My hair is wavy, thick, and easily broken. I've always wanted to wear my hair natural, but it is so unruly and frizzy that I never felt comfortable with it natural. This product has changed all that. This product has allowed me to wear my hair natural for the first time ever! As a deep conditioner, I give this only 3 stars, but as a leave in I give it 5 stars, so I averaged that and gave it 4 stars. I put a small amount (a few drops) in my hair while it is wet, and follow it with a small amount of coconut oil (which I have been using for years), and my hair dries beautifully. My waves are manageable, even, and not frizzy. Best of all, I can comb my hair when it's dry without making it puff up and I can run my hands through it without it breaking. It feels great.

It works well as a deep conditioner, but it's nothing stupendous. It works as well as other deep conditioners I've used that are less expensive. I had no problems rinsing it out, but it did leave my hair feeling a little greasy when it dried. I prefer Queen Helene Cholesterol as a deep conditioner, and it is much more affordable at $8 for 32 ounces on Amazon.

You can purchase Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Hair Masque at Target for $10. Amazon has it for more than $15.

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